Intelligent Investing covers the most sought after and most traded markets: US stocks, commodities and crypto currencies.

Unparalleled Scientific Expertise

I can help you become a better trader! How? Well, simple, by assessing all the price charts and available data scientifically (objective, non-biased, open-mind) I come to accurate, reliable and trade-able/actionable price-target zone forecasts, while keeping the big picture always in mind. I provide price levels daily that will negate Bearish or Bullish setups, which you can use as entry or exit levels in your own trading.*

Skin In The Game

Besides individuals, Intelligent Investing, LLC provides technical analysis to several major clients, such as private funds and other well-known market forecasting entities within the investment world: see here. Having co-founded my own Hedge Fund NorthPost Partners, LP, I have 100% skin in the game! If investment firms trust my work for their portfolio management, why shouldn’t you?!

*It should not be assumed that future performance will always be guaranteed and/or profitable. Nor will future performance necessarily equal past performance or past performance trends. All trading and investment decisions are the sole responsibility of subscriber.