What do you get when you become a Major Markets Premium Trading Member?

  1. Daily and weekly updates on the DOW, SPX, NAS/NDX, RUT, SOX
  2. In-depth, objective technical market analyses including Elliott Wave.
  3. Market breadth analyses using Zweig Breadth, McClellan Oscillators, Summation Indices, A/D lines, Bullish Percent Indices, etc.
  4. Sentiment and Seasonality Analysis using Volatility, Put/Call ratios, Investor Sentiment, Gann and Fibonacci Time-Cycles, etc.

How Intelligent Investing can help in Major Markets Trading?

I assess all the index’ price charts and other available data such as market breadth and sentiment from the hourly to monthly time frames objectively, with a flexible, non-biased scientific approach. This allows me to derive accurate, reliable and trade-able/actionable price-target zone forecasts daily from a “weight of the evidence” perspective, while keeping the big picture always in mind, that you can use in your trading and investing decisions with confidence.

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