Institutions, private funds, market forecasting services, etc. have entirely other needs than the individual investor.

Find out how I.I. can help you.

Market Forecasting Services

Do you have your own market forecasting service, but are not an expert in Elliott Wave? I help several other services in providing world-class EWT forecasts for their needs


Managing other peoples’ money, retirement accounts, etc is a whole different ballgame then a small trading account and entirely different information is needed to make the right tactical -and strategic portfolio decisions.

Private Equity Funds

I co-founded and co-manage my own private fund, and therefore know what it takes to be successful. Having skin in the game, allows me to help you as well.

I have to say you are my best analyst. Clear, easy to understand explanation. Your work is GREAT.

BMA, Ltd

Very nice updates, very detailed. Always enjoy reading them.