As one of the best and fastest-growing financial market forecasting service in the industry*, Intelligent Investing offers 1-on-1 consulting services to private and corporate clients.

  • Need help assessing if a stock, ETF, crypto currency, etc. is moving in the right direction and/or how high or how low it will go? Contact me for obtaining in-depth reports. See an example here.
  • Need help knowing if a stock will pop or drop on earnings? Contact me for expert, objective reports. Seen an example here. (ps: UPS popped 15% on earnings, netting my client >$10K)
  • Your position is under water? Sitting on a big loss? Need help and advice? Contact me for a consultation.
  • Want to learn more about technical analyses, the Elliott wave principle, impact of (economic) policies on assets, etc. Contact me for private tutoring sessions.
  • Do you have any other specific needs and/or request Intelligent Investing does not cover? I am here to help.

At an hourly rate of only $250, which is well below industry standards, and cheaper than a lawyer or medical doctor, it is a small price to pay to get more certainty, improved trading results, high-level expertise, learnings, and insights. Remember: it cost money to make money. And you already took the 1st step to greatness by reading this. Fantastic! Well-done! Kudos to you. If you think this is expensive, try trading consistently profitably without knowing what you are doing? Why do you think big Wall Street firms hire the smartest and brightest? Not because trading is easy! Not because they go by a gut feeling…

*Intelligent Investing’s total annual revenue has increased >50 fold (!)since its inception in 2014 (see here).