Short-term I prefer to see a larger pullback (red b/ii) before moving higher for red c/iii. The fact we’re most likely dealing with a diagonal makes things as usual extra complicated, as it can still subdivide to a higher high first before rolling over.

Long term the DAX has two options: Super Cycle 5 has already topped and now a multi-year bear market is underway. It will now rally for wave-B (see daily chart) before wave-C takes hold to (only!) complete Cycle-A, then we get Cycle-B, followed by Cycle-C to the SC4 low made in 2003.

Or the DAX will put in one more cycle-5 rally to complete SC-3 or 5 in a few years. For now the long-term charts are bearish and thus I prefer a long-term bearish POV until proven otherwise